Celebrating Our First Year

As my MIL suggested, I went out to get a pair of white lillies which are supposed to represent a lifetime of love between a couple (or something along those lines).

Hubby was so sweet, he bought me a dozen roses. I honestly didn’t expect flowers, but what can I say? I still loved the gesture.

We kept the top tier of our wedding cake, which, according to tradition, is supposed to be eaten either at the first anniversary or when the first baby is born. Since our anniversary arrived first, we took the cake out of the freezer and shared a sliced with a bottle of sparkling juice (since I’m pregnant and should refrain from taking alcohol). The cake was also quite steeped with alcohol so I took one small bite and gave the rest to the hubby.

We celebrated our anniversary at the Italian restaurant, NeroVivo, in the city. I’m afraid I forgot to take pictures of the entree and the dessert. Dessert was simply to die for – NeroVivo’s signature chocolate fudge cake with white chocolate sauce. I really ought to kick myself for forgetting the pictures, but it looked so good, all thoughts about the camera just flew out of my head when it arrived.


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