Pilates – More Benefits in Pregnancy

Since I started back on my pilates classes at Fitfor2, I’ve noticed that my carpal tunnel syndrome seems to have eased up at night. I don’t know if there’s any correlation between the exercise, but I’ve also been sleeping a little better. For a while there, I was almost thinking of stopping my exercises altogether, but now I think perhaps I should continue to attend class after all.

Much against my body’s protest this morning, I attended another class and I’m glad to say that I do feel somewhat more energised after the workout. I think I will observe my progress this week and reassess whether to continue after Friday’s class.

I am thinking of stopping Yoga, though. As much as I’d like to think I still have it, I really think I’m kidding myself to think I’m up for one of Melissa’s class. Once again, I’ll see how I feel on Friday and decide then if I feel up for next Monday’s yoga class. It’s a pity that pilates is only running once a week. Today’s class was an exception because there were no yoga instructors to conduct the session so Joanne gave a pilates class instead.

Although it’s hard to imagine, I think my belly has grown since last Friday. It was brushing against the floor when I went into “child’s pose” in pilates this morning. I had to shift my position a little to accommodate the bump…

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