On Rock Climbing

The hubby and I went to GSC at 1Utama on Thursday night to watch the movie “Eragon”. In my current pregnant state, I’m almost always looking for a chair to sit on whenever any waiting is required. The GSC at 1Utama has some nice seats tucked away next to the Gold Class area, so I went over there to take my usual spot.

There was a guy at the Gold Class counter arguing with the man servicing him. From the side profile, I thought he looked vaguely familiar. When he turned to look in my direction, I was surprised to recognise him as KB. Way back when I was projecting “Pear”, he had been as well. He managed to nail that one before I did because the weekend he got his red point, I was caught up with work.

We started talking a little about the old climbing days. It seems that work has taken him away from the crag for too long. It seemed a little sad reminiscing because we both knew that climbing those grades were no longer within our reach because we could not afford to devote the time required to gain back the ability.

Redpointing a 7A for me was a committed quest requiring a regimented training schedule above and beyond the weekly leisure climb. When there were no other priorities in my life, I could afford the time to be the social recluse and bury myself within climbing. I would have liked to test my limits by pressing on towards 8A, just so I could find out if I am one of the gifted – for it was Eric Horst that said, “Anyone can train themselves to climb a 7C. For 8A and beyond, you have to have the genetics for it.”

Now that there is someone greater in my life who needs my full attention, that goal must be shelved for the time being for he is someone I cannot disappoint. I would still like to enjoy the occasional leisurely climb at the gym, but I am glad to say that I am happy for it to remain just as that.

Perhaps in time when my child has grown, I may again pursue that drive to climb harder. I think that is one of the greatest things about this sport – one does not require youth to excel in it, just perseverence, desire and heart.

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