Family Holiday in Langkawi

Chinese New Year 2006 presented my very first holiday with my new family – FIL, MIL, SILs, HL’s boyfriend, MR, and hubby. The original intention was to take a trip to Korea but somehow the plans sort of fell apart and we all ended up in Langkawi instead.

The first day began in early hours of morning with a mad rush through breakfast, serving tea to the elders (an expression of respect performed by all youngsters on the first day of Chinese New Year) and packing the cars. We drove up to Kuala Kedah to take the ferry across to Langkawi and it reminded me of a similar trip taken during SARS back when I was still working for Roche.

We made a couple of rest stops along the way where I got a little snap happy with the new digicam – Casio Exilim S600, hence the multitude of photos in the slide show below…

The ferry ride to Langkawi was uneventful. We arrived on the other side and loaded up on some duty free chocolates before making our way to the hotel. Since we spent most of the first day travelling, there wasn’t that much time to do anything other than check in, relax a little before meeting for dinner. After dinner, everyone was tired, so it was an early night for most, except HH and I, since we ended up playing scrabble.

The next morning, after breakfast, we went to check out some mountain ride. Since the queue was a mile long, we decided to give that a miss. After a spot of shopping, we headed over to the acquarium to see the animals. There are loads of pictures of these in the slide… I guess this is one of the typical spots to go to since we also went here during my previous trip with Roche. Since I had a better camera, I managed to get some better pictures this time. I must say, I’m quite impressed with this simple point-and-shoot…

We returned to the hotel, where Mum and Dad decided to take a rest while the “kids” went off for a massage. I’ve never had a professional massage until then and I have to say it was decidedly refreshing. So refreshing that I fell asleep during the hour-long session. It was certainly an experience I wouldn’t mind having again.

We got back to the hotel in time for another buffet dinner, followed by a couple of games of pool, another scrabble match – this time between hubby, M and me. I learned a new word “sloop” which is basically a small boat. M decided he never wanted to play scrabble with me again because I won, never mind the fact that I gave him a really good word with top points and still managed to beat him by a league. He felt jibbed because both hubby and I wouldn’t accept the word “sloop”. Honestly, even if I added the points he would have received from the word “sloop”, I would still have won the game.

The next morning it was back to the ferry port where we discovered the foolishness of travelling to Langkawi by ferry over the Chinese New Year period. The place was packed and they kept loading the ferries until it was well past it’s maximum capacity. The bags were stacked above the railings and could have landed on the laps of the passengers if there had been a sudden jolt to the boat. By the time the ferry was moving off, the gang plank we used to get on board was skewed almost vertically – I kid you not!

The drive back to town was just as bad with a multitude of cars on the road. Many were cutting queues and breaking all road rules. The pitstops were chocablock full of cars and people queuing for the toilets. I recall a stop that we made where I needed to perform a “no. 2”. I took one look at the toilet bowl and immediately became constipated.

A relaxing two days and a horrific third day for Chinese New Year 2006. All I can say is, please let’s go somewhere else next year…

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