Another Perspective by Le Grunt

Perspectives on Rock Climbing – a POV from Lelek Le Grunt:

Okay, here’s my take on climbing… Won’t be as organised as the others, just my mental diarrhoea splattering all over the screen….

It all started out as a simple “let’s try out climbing!” right after a short day hike up bukit tabur when I was first introduced to FYC. At bukit tabur, there were a few 3rd and 4th class climbing and at that time I thought it was pretty damn cool…

So a few of us decided to try out the indoor gym at summit.

Me, Moo Moo, Small Person, Angie, AiLi, Joel, Tow, Eleen, (all from Makro) along with some of the regular FYCs, Mike P, Gan, etc…

Of course we bought the new climbers pass that entitled us to one month’s free entrance.

However, after that one month, more and more of the Makro people dropped out until there were only three hardcores. Me, SuChin and KiatHong.

I used to have a plethora of hobbies… PowerKiting, Photography, Hiking, Badminton, Cycling, Hamsters (yes, the small cute furry animals) but after I started climbing, they have all been reduced to mere pass-times… Merely training my cardio vascular system for endurance or for losing weight (so I have to pull up less).

The books I read are mostly climbing books now. My great authors used to be the likes of Authur C Clark, Isaac Asimov, Piers Anthony… Nowadays, names like John Long and Jon Krakauer dominate. 2001 Space Oddessy, or Into Thin Air? The choice could not be clearer.

A new aircon for the new place, or a new climbing rope? Once again, a no brainer…

The last trip to Penang was absolute heaven… Life doesn’t get sweeter than this. I think it was Combat Girl that said that a road trip was the best way to get to know people… I agree with her. Before that trip, I considered you peeps, (Holdbreaker, Thin Man, Combat Girl, Fearless Leader) as my climbing buddies…. After that trip, you guys got elevated to true friends… There’s just something about holding someone else’s life in your hands and putting your own life into someone else’s hands that makes you start to trust that person intensely. I mean, after you trust someone with your life, the rest is nothing…

I used to think Combat Girl was a snobbish cow. Now I wish I had her determination and passion…

I used to think Holdbreaker was a foul mouthed (sensored)… Now I wish I had his sense of humour and strength.

I used to think Thin Man was a skinny bastard… Now I wish I had his figure….

I used to think Fearless Leader was as blur as you could get… Now I wish I had his great heart…

Err… I still think Fearless is blur though… kekekekekekeke…..

I am glad to be able to call myself a CLIMBER!!! And to be associated with the rest of you!!! I don’t care if you guys keep on knocking me for my groans and moans during climbing, I’ll still climb with you peeps! And still keep on moanin’!!!!

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