Introducing the Rockrats

Meet the Rockrats…

Thin Man working after climbing “Stupid with Manners” at Fumakilla, Nyamuk, Batu Caves to claim his birthday present.

project route

Small Person on belay duty at Jesselton, Penang.

Fearless and Small Person 

Simian Boy getting ready to climb at Batu Caves.


Mutant Man hanging around on Thaiwand Wall, Krabi.


Lelek Le Grunt grunting his way through a route at Jesselton, Penang.

Lelek Le Grunt

Holdbreaker “breaking in” the new route “800 bucks down a hill” at Ridsect, Nyamuk, Batu Caves.


Fearless Leader reporting for duty at Damai, Batu Caves.

Captain Lai

Cover Boy making a cover shot on a boulder along Batu Ferringghi, Penang.

What a pretty face

Combat Girl chilling at the top of Orange Chandeliers on Ao Nang Tower, Krabi.


5C Master taking a break after another grueling 5C route at Red Rocks, Batu Caves.


Moo Moo, flexing some of that bull-strength at Krabi.


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