Gunung Korbu, April 2001

This was my first hiking trip where I was required to dig my own toilet and camp under a fly sheet. It was quite an experience but despite the grueling trek, I would later come back for more.

The target was to reach the summit of Korbu and Gayung. Unfortunately, it was the first time the “veteran” hikers were there without a guide and we lost the trail on the first day! Delayed by one day, we managed to reach the peak on the third day and were forced to keep pressing on to the next camp site after a brief stop over at the summit.

Only one member of our group completed the trek to Gayung. Some of the gang who were injured were forced to hike through the night and only made it the campsite well after dark.

The good news was that we still made it to the peak and out in four days. The bad news is that I missed the Gayung peak. My subsequent return journey to make the Gayung peak was also met with failure when we weren’t even able to locate the Shower Curtain campsite!

These are the photos from that first trip

Korbu Peak

08. Korbu Peak

Getting ready to move out…


In search of the trail…


View from the top…

09.Ipoh Town

More photos…

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