Hampir Tewas, Comic Wall

Hampir Tewas is a 6C route at Comic Wall that Thin Man became inspired to project after watching the Human Stick Clip run laps on it. A lot of the beta that Thin Man gives are big moves which can be quite dynamic if you’re vertically challenged. Thin Man was not dubbed Mr Fantastic for nothing so don’t underestimate his reach.

I have a good collection of photos of Hampir Tewas which I have added to the slideshow below. If you’re planning to onsight this route, I suggest you move on to another post. If you’re looking for beta, well, I don’t know if the photos are all that clear, but you might still be able to get some tips from them…

Thin Man claimed his first red point on 6C on this route. Enjoy the pictures…

Thin Man at first bolt of Hampir

Third move

Next clip

Thin Man struggles a little

Ahhh... nice stemming

Resting time!

Final moves to the anchor

Final moves to the anchor

Struggling to unclip

Nice knee bar

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