Beach Bouldering in Penang

During our second visit to Penang, the Rockrats decided to try a spot of beach bouldering. Our tour guide from the first visit wasn’t able to join us so we couldn’t find the boulder he was talking about but we did spot a few interesting rocks along the road to Batu Ferringhi.

The boulders are very coarse and without crashpads, none of us were particularly game to go for anything too hard. There are plenty of other boulders in the area, but parking along Batu Ferringhi road and access to the boulders isn’t the best. If you’re up for a little trekking, you might have a better chance of encountering some nicer boulders to climb.

The sun was bearing down relentlessly that day and there is little shade to be offered except under some of the larger boulders.

Examining the boulder

Moo Moo on a route

Thin Man takes on a corner

Thin Man scouting a route

Moo Moo topping out

What a pretty face

Mutant Man just chilling

Combat Girl just chilling

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