Another Yoga Class

Yep, I’m still attending classes at Fit For 2, though usually just the yoga or pilates class. The target was to hit two classes a week, but I seem to be averaging on one a week. Very bad…

So I made it yoga class yesterday although I would much rather have continued sleeping, but I felt bad having registered myself for class only to cancel at the last minute. Coming to year end, the classes have been quite empty lately, so I felt even worse if I were to skip class. Yesterday’s class was a full class, though. There were lots of new faces along with the usual suspects. We were all mostly at about the same stage of pregnancy – around the thirty something week mark.

The other reason I was reluctant to skip yoga was because I recall reading that it could be helpful for carpal tunnel syndrome and it seemed mine was worsening somewhat… Last night when I got up to use the bathroom, I could barely close my left hand into a fist.

Anyway, yoga was far more tiring yesterday than I remembered. Instead of improving my balance, I felt that it was getting worse, especially those sideways positions which I forget what they are called. We would start with the “warrior pose” then straighten the front leg, leaning forwards to rest one hand on the shin while the other is stretched up towards the ceiling. This used to be fairly easy for me, but now I find myself wobbling at the legs trying to keep myself from keeling over. I’m attributing it to the expanding belly that’s throwing me off balance.

My thighs are feeling weaker as well, although I can’t be sure if it’s because of the additional weight I’m carrying or if my muscles are wasting away from insufficient use. I am pretty positive that Melissa was going easy on us yesterday with the squat position because I’m sure we didn’t sit into it as long as we normally do on other days. It could also be because of all the new faces that were joining us and she didn’t want to overstrain them on their first day at yoga.

By the time class was over, I think I was ready to drive home and go to sleep. I can’t remember ever being so exhausted from a class that when I pulled the car up outside my house, I had to rest for a bit before I could muster the energy to get out of the car and into the house.

According to Debbie’s instructions, this is bad. I shouldn’t feel tired after exercise but more energised. Although the strange thing is that I didn’t think that this class was as hard as last week’s class and yet I felt more tired coming out of it. Perhaps I haven’t been resting enough these past few days…

Well, I’ll be attending the pilates class this Friday so let’s see how that one goes… If I get tired after pilates, I’ll know for sure that something is wrong because pilates is usually much more relaxing.

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