Whitewall, Batu Caves

The Rockrats eventually stopped climbing at Whitewall because we had to bypass a swamp and a rubbish dump that was rapidly turning into a quagmire as the days went by. From what I understand, there has been a new path created to Whitewall which connects it to Damai. When facing Damai wall, just walk left behind the house and look for a trail of old tyres. Follow it to the end and it should take you to Whitewall bypassing the bog pit and rubbish dump (if it’s still there).

The following is a description of how to get to Whitewall that I found on the net a long time back. It’s another one of those little gems I collected which I can no longer track back to its original website (if it still exists).

How to get to Whitewall:

As for the Volley Ball Site, only continue straight along to the end of Jalan Taman Industri Bolton where this road sweeps around leftwards to join another road. Turn right and continue to just before this road ends and follow the muddy track on the right hand side which leads to the kampung. The crag is obvious on the left at this point. Continue through the kampung for a short distance until opposite the crag. Parking is limited. There is more parking space by the football field at the other end of the kampung, near Red Rocks. Walk towards the crag, crossing a stream and follow the trail, at first diagonally left up the hillside to the foot of the crag (10 minutes walk from the football field).

An alternative approach route can be made along Jalan Sungai Tua.

There is also a pretty good description on how to get to Whitewall on Rockclimbing – Whitewall.

It’s usually preferable to climb Whitewall in the afternoon after the sun falls behind the wall. Since the Rockrats were mostly late risers, this was never really a big problem for us. Most of the routes are bolted and a 60m rope should see you through them all.

These are the route descriptions from the site I saved a long time back:

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You probably won’t be able to read the numbers on the picture or the route names so here they are in the order listed on the topo (the route names and grades are numbered below):

13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

The routes are described from left to right (the ones without numbers are not shown on the topo above):-

13. Aimless, 4 (starts at a slab below an overhang, can be continued using natural pro as for Rainbow connection)
J Chin, S Brown, 30 Jan 00 (probably climbed earlier by someone on natural pro)

1. Rainbow connection, 5+ (the climb can be continued to another anchor at the top, using natural pro – 6a)
Yuen Li, Kyoshi, 1997

2. Diana in memory, 6c
Nassa, 1997

3. First July special, 6b
Akmal, 1997

4. Opium war, 6a
Yuen Li, July 97

5. Kick a cloud, 6b, 6b
Kyoshi, Yuen Li, 1997

6. Kavadi, 7a
Nassa, 1997

7. Chili padi, 7a, 7a?
Kyoshi, 1997

8. November 61, 6c+ (a continuation of Fake meat, 6b, Yuen Li, Bill, Lizanne, 1997)
Kyoshi, Akmal, 1997

9. Classic route, 6b
Kyoshi, 1997

10. Kyoshi’s delight, 6b
Kyoshi, 1997

The last two routes can be continued at about 6a+, using natural pro. To an in-situ top anchor, Kyoshi 1997 ?

11. Name of a woman, 6a+
Along, 1997

12. Enter the dragon, 6b (natural protection to in-situ top anchor)
Kyoshi, 1996 ?

A natural pro. route called “Three men and a toilet” has been climbed to the right of the big ledge at about 6a+ (loose rock).

There are some better route descriptions on Rockpod – Whitewall and Rockclimbing – Whitewall. According to Rockclimbing, there are actually 18 routes available at Whitewall, although I kind of wonder where all these additional routes are located since I never saw them when I was climbing the area. I’m guessing some of them are natural pro.

There is also a short description on Whitewall on Nomad Adventure – Whitewall.

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