Chinese New Year Closing Ceremony

Yup, this is about a year late, but here are the photos from the factory closing ceremony for Chinese New Year. Traditionally, it’s important to hold a “closing” ceremony to mark the close of business at the end of a year. It is followed a few days later with an opening ceremony to signify the beginning of a new year and a good start to the business.

You’ll probaly notice by now that there is a similar theme surrounding all these festivities – there is a massive preparation of food that will be offered before two altars, the burning of shiny pieces of paper, the lighting of jost sticks and then the feasting of the food. The type of food served is also usually the same – the pink coloured stuff is supposed to be good because red means prosperity and sometimes pink coloured food is the closest you can get to red. As far as I understand, there is also supposed to be a set number of different type of dishes offered, but I don’t know exactly how many.

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