The First and Only Trip to Bukit Takun

Somewhere near Rawang is a place called Bukit Takun. It’s another place to get some natural rock climbing done in the Klang Valley other than heading for the usual places around Batu Caves. The only unfortunate problem is that Bukit Takun is sometimes used by the military as their training ground, so the area is not always accessible to climbers.

Offering both limestone and granite, this is probably the one of the few climbing areas in Malaysia where you can get the spice of variety. There are a few traditional routes intermingled with sport routes and a couple of multipitches as well. Considering that the area is not often frequented by climbers, a visitor to the area would do well to check the bolts and anchors as I don’t think they are maintained at all.

Bukit Takun being one of my earliest climbing experiences, I’m afraid I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the information provided on this post. Most of what I’ve cited are snippets of information I’ve garnered through talking with other climbers. The first and only time I ever climbed at Bukit Takun was somewhere towards the end of 2002 where I was still considered fresh blood in rock climbing.

Here are some photos from that particular trip:

A View of Bukit Takun

Taking a tour around the place

Up goes Carol

Getting into some serious climbing

Next it's my turn...

Mike shows some flexibility

Abseiling for home

Belayers watching on

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