First Time at Nyamuk

We braved our first trip to Nyamuk somewhere towards the end of 2002. Back then, Damai was a newbie climber’s playground and everywhere else was considered too daunting to even attempt. After some encouragement from one of our new found climber friends, A, we found ourselves deviating from our usual trip to Damai.

The trek in was dense with foliage and the swarm of mozzies that trailed after us was a silent broadcast of the meaning behind the name. Nyamuk wall, at that time, was divided into three sections – the left-hand-side (which I’m afraid the name eludes me at this point), Dengue wall, and Fumakila (also referred to as the right-hand-side). We were planning to climb at Fumakila that day, but we took a short detour to Dengue wall where we saw some of the more experienced climbers resting at the base.

My inexperienced eyes took one look at Dengue wall and wondered how on earth anyone could possibly climb something so smooth. It is interesting to recall my thoughts at the time because the sport was so new to me and the word “impossible” often crept into my vocabulary. It would be about another year and a half before I made my first attempt on Dengue wall.

Here are the photos from that first visit to Nyamuk:

A View of Nyamuk

2 mins of trekking

Gearing up for the climb

Leading a 5B

While Mike belays

Akmal belaying while Lai relaxes

Leading a 5C and I'm gripped!

Ahhh... progress...

Almost there

Clipping in before the anchor

Lai's turn to climb

A pretty convincing act

Mike abseiling home

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