Pacesetter’s 15km

A tad overdue, but here is the low down on the Pacesetter’s Race:

Sunday 21 May 2006

Actually, I should begin with the day before… As usual, full arrogance in play, I gave the race as little respect as I would have given any regular 10km race not organised by Pacesetter.

We went to watch “The Da Vinci Code” at GSC 1Utama and then went over to PL & J’s house for supper. By the time I got to bed, it was 2am.

Having spent the earlier part of the day in Brandi’s class, I was pretty beat by this stage. It was quite evident when I mistakenly set my alarm clock at 5:45am thinking I had set it for 5:15am.

Despite the shortage of restful hours, I woke up immediately to the alarm feeling more alert than I ever did on any other race day. I was up the moment I switched off the alarm without even an indulgent stretch in bed. It was probably just as well, since I had fifteen minutes to get ready and arrive at our usual meeting area.

It wasn’t until I received a “wake-up” call from SKT (actually, it wasn’t so much of a wake-up call as it was a “just-checking-if-you’re-on-your-way” call), when I realised my alarm clock mistake.

I hit double time with the lathering of sun screen, took two pieces of bread into the car (all the while regretting that I had left my Power Bar at the other house) and left the house. I made it to the meeting point at five minutes past six, just in time to observe G parking his car.

My bread was extremely dry and I had a difficult time swallowing it. I forced it down all the same, for even I did not have the audacity to attempt 15km on an empty fuel tank. Luckily, SKT had a spare Power Gel that I gulped down gratefully.

Once again, I had succeeded in undertaking almost zero training for this race, and I paid for it with a substantial drop in my timing – clocking in at 1hr 55mins. It took me 1hr and 18mins to complete the first 10km (an extra 8 mins more than my 10km timing).

The only good thing I can recall about the race was that the double-hill was a lot more comfortable than I remembered from previous races. I don’t really know if I can attribute that to past race experience, the fact that I began with a slower running pace, or that there was an improvement in my incline tackling abilities.

My biggest failing in this 15km race was my underestimation of the additional 5km. Most of the races I normally attend are 10km in distance, so I thought, what’s another 5km? Now a half marathon of 21km – that is a respectable distance.

Humbly, I eat my words. After wobbling across the finishing line with legs feeling like jell’O, I promised myself that I would never discount a 15km run as a game to be trifled with.

Even so, the pain was worth it – every last meter just so I could have this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My precious! The reason behind which I race… This little piece of pewter to mark all my past glories.

Perhaps an absurd reason, it is my reason nonetheless…

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