Pregnancy Memory Failure

If I was absent-minded before, I think I’m even worse now. I just tried to cook rice in an electrical rice pot without electricity.

The hubby thinks I’m milking this pregnancy for all it’s worth, when in reality I’m just a natural born ditz. I decided to get the facts on this question of forgetfulness during pregnancy.

According to

“There are many theories of why this occurs in some pregnant women. One of the theories includes brain shrinkage. Saying that the brain shrinks 3-5% during pregnancy, which takes approximately six months after birth to return to normal. Or the theory that the problems are driven by hormones during pregnancy. While others believe that it is just a period of time where the mother-to-be is reflecting inward and the introspection and problem solving of the future is what causes the mental fuzziness.

It may even be that since labor and birth are done with the right side of the brain, our bodies are encouraging us to be more right brained during the course of pregnancy.”

There are also a whole host of sites discussing the normality of this symptom and what you can do about it. Most of the suggestions are pretty much the sort of advice that “guides to a better memory” often provide.

The good news is that it is temporary and you should be back to your normal capacity by about the sixth month after delivery.

So now I have a legitimate excuse for the hubby when I forget the house keys…

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