2nd Run After 42km

Another week goes by and I managed to put off the running. After flying aero planes for the last couple of running sessions, I finally hauled my arse out to the track. Come to think of it, I almost missed this one for another aero plane, too. Talk about being slack…

And it showed. I was clearly out of shape for it was a struggle just to complete the track at TTDI. What a grave mistake to take it too easy after the 42km and now I’m paying for that mistake. If only I hadn’t missed the Power Run, then I might have been inspired to hit the track on a regular basis.

Ok, enough of the “if only”. Come May there will be another 15km race. A chance for redemption is around the corner and tomorrow will be another opportunity to nail the track at TTDI with my running buddy back online. Add to that a serious commitment to the posers cum runners and I should be back on track in no time.

I also detect a strain injury in my arms resulting from too many days of climbing and not enough breaks in between. Now that there will be less climbing for the coming week, that means more time to hit the track.

I found another nice track for pacing to: Vanilla Ninja – “Tough Enough”

They say all this cross-training is good for fitness and will transfer across to other sports. *bushit!* Excuse me – must be dusty in here.

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