Back on track after 42km

It was my first day back on the track after the marathon. PCL and I met up in TTDI at half past seven, both of us reluctant to be out there for our own personal reasons. We agreed to run two laps and call it a morning, although both of us secretly only wanted to do one.

After speaking to a few athletic friends about the marathon, many of them told me I would notice an improvement in my run times once I hit the track again. I hoped they were right because I wasn’t looking forward to this morning’s run.

I won’t say it was a breeze running through the uphill sections of the track, but it certainly felt a lot easier than my previous training sessions. That was one consolation.

I was about to run with my MP3 player until PCL mentioned a little piece of advice she read from a book called “In the Zone” (or something to that effect). While it was agreed that music during a race could be useful, it was not recommended that we train with it. This was so the mind would not be distracted from the body movements and breathing patterns.

I decided to give it a go and left the MP3 player behind. I have to agree that she had a point. For instance, I noticed that even though it didn’t hurt to walk, the moment I started running, my feet and knees, particularly the left side, felt tender. Almost without realizing, my left foot was exaggerating the roll to avoid the aggravating the sore areas and my left knee assumed a movement that was not ideal. In addition, to reduce the impact forces traveling up through the ankles to the knees, I noticed that my feet were striking the ground from the ball of the foot forwards to my toes. Running in this manner for a short distance might have been acceptable, but I felt that a longer distance would not have been as forgiving.

My second lap was still manageable and relatively comfortable, though I felt I was beginning to tire towards the last uphill segment.

All in all, a light and easy return to the track. Some areas are still lagging in recovery, so I shall continue to go easy for the time being.

This weekend should be an “easy ten” at the 10km Power run. It will be a good place to review my 10km run time.

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