Jump Higher, Perform Better?

When I signed up for the marathon, I decided I had better brush up on the latest techniques for improving fitness – be it stamina, endurance, strength, or what not. While surfing through the web, I found this url:


They were offering a free email subscription, so I thought, why not? It had the “F” word after all, so I signed up for it. I can’t say I was particularly diligent in reading every bulletin sent to me, but I did read this one (see below) despite the fact that the marathon is now behind me.


IMPORTANT: All Subscribers Must Read This

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

Today I have something extremely important to announce to you.

I just stumbled across something amazing.

Words cannot underestimate the importance of this entire message, so read it carefully…

I’m only going to say this once: This incredible new discovery marks the defining-point between performance-enhancement of yesterday and performance-enhancement of tomorrow. It’s a claim I have every intention of undeniably proving to you and you will privileged just to be able to witness it.

I’ve seen it all in the 15 years Peak Performance / Sports Performance Bulletin has operated, but I can confidently say during that whole time I have never seen anything like this system.

There is one simple reason for this: This system means failure to make outrageous gains in performance is completely IMPOSSIBLE.

That’s right – failure is a thing of the past.I can’t tell you much more right now… but I can say that you will need to visit the link I give you tomorrow, as soon as I email it to you.

We will be e-mailing this link to you tomorrow (Thursday, March 9) at 3pm London time.

(To see what time this is where you live – click here.)

The title of the e-mail we send will be “Recommended Without Reservation” – so be certain you watch for it.This is the launch of a truly ground-breaking system and we’ve worked very hard to not only bring it to you… but to bring it to you at an incredible one-time-only price, too.

Now, let me go on to reveal the single secret that applies to and determines success in every sport – and I’ll tell you, it’s not what you think it might be…

The Most Powerful Secret In All Sports And Athletics…

Every athlete, no matter the sport, needs to train themselves to increase power because power is the gauge by which both performance and potential is measured. In times to come, outside of skill-work, all athletes will train exclusively to increase power – even those athletes in “endurance” sports. Let’s consider two sports not normally considered “explosive”: In distance running, you have stride-length and in swimming, there’s diving from blocks, blasting off the wall on a turn… all of these things are explosive, powerful movements and can make the difference in winning and losing.

In fact, stride-length is quickly becoming a deciding factor in the potential of a long-distance runner because it is a major factor in energy expenditure – and it’s the reason why more and more “endurance” athletes are starting to increase their vertical leaps.

Why is this?

The single best way to increase power (and athleticism in any sport) is by training to increase vertical leap and then also using these principles to train your upper body, too. This is highlighted because it’s what most people miss. The principles that underpin vertical leap training are crucial to any sport and the height of an athletes vertical leap is the sole expression of this.

No matter what your sport, you must get this crystal-clear: the higher the vertical jump, the better, because vertical leap training is performance-enhancement training and the future of it.

Those who neglect this will be left behind.

This is the very core element of the exclusive website launch you will be a part of tomorrow.

Here is is just a hint of what you will read and learn about:

The life-changing experience that allowed a 5’11” Scottish athlete to improve his leap by 4 inches from diet, special stretching and supplements alone!

How a 5’7″ teenager gained 13 inches on his vertical the first time and another 8 inches the second time around! And how another 5’7″, 17 year-old gained a spurt of 16 inches in 3 months… and then went and to dominate a sport with athletes a foot taller than him…

Plateau Broken! The inside secrets of how an “older” athlete who had “maxed out” at 30 inches was able to whack on another 6 inches of vertical jumping power inside of 6 weeks!

Why the skeptical athlete who was transformed into a 48-inch jumping monster now has his pick of professional sporting careers… and how that could well be you…

Best of all (… and for the very first time ever) you’ll get all the irrefutable proof that this new product will work athletic miracles for you… and you will see for yourself how failure is actually impossible, just because of this system.

So it’s very important to make note of this:

You must visit the link tomorrow, as close as humanly possible to the time we send it… because this offer has been arranged exclusively for only a limited number of Sports Performance Bulletin subscribers.

We will be e-mailing this link to you tomorrow (Thursday, March 9) by 3pm London time at the latest.

And the title of the e-mail we send will be “Recommended Without Reservation”.

I’m looking forward to your company tomorrow,

Sylvester Stein


Peak Performance


P.S. You also have my permission to forward this email to anyone you know who is interested in learning more about this outstanding development in athletic performance enhancement.


So that means if I had been able to jump higher, I would have completed my marathon in less than 6 hours? Perhaps even in 5 hours? And if I can jump higher, I can climb 8A?


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