A bout of pre-race jitters?

I had a dream last night that I woke up late and nearly missed the race. Actually, the dream never concluded so I could not say for sure whether I did indeed get to it eventually.

Even though it was Z that kindly went to pick up our registrations yesterday, I remember trying to contact SKT to tell him I would be arriving late. For some reason I totally forgot all about picking up the registrations. I was almost going to run on Sunday without it – good grief! To think I would willingly subject my body to forty-two kilometers and have nothing to show for it? Many thanks to MT for calling me to check for my registration number!

Now back to the dream… I managed to contact SKT and he, too, was running late, so he decided to become a marshal for the race in PJ (don’t ask me why there was a race in PJ when it was supposed to be the KL Marathon). He agreed to get to dataran merdeka to pass me my registration numbers. While on the road to the race starting point, I kept looking at my watch, which incidentally pointed to almost 7am – two hours after the starting time for the full marathon runners.

Anyway, I get to dataran merdeka and I’m running around looking for the registration booth and everyone I ask tells me it’s further up. I keep looking at my watch and the race has already started. My mind tells me to run, but I keep thinking, it’s forty-two kilometers – I’ll tire myself out if I start sprinting now.

I get to the registration booth and the time is twenty minutes past. Just as I start thinking about calling it quits, they tell me that the only person that has registered as present for the race is D-0001. That was D’s number. Great, I thought. So long as I can qualify in six hours, I will have a guaranteed second place – it was still worth a shot.

After that I was running back to my car to put away the excess and get ready for the race. Even though I was running, it was like my body weighed of lead. I couldn’t move faster no matter how hard I tried. After I got across the field, I came to an escalator. Hey, it was a dream, so there are bound to be a lot of things that are out of place. Beyond the escalator was where I parked my car, except that I couldn’t remember where. I had to press my anti-lock button on my key chain to find my car.

It was pitch black, even though it was 7:30am in the morning. I was getting ready to run when I woke up. Dream analysis?

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