Eyebrow Embroidery

They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, therefore your eyebrows must be the frames of those windows. Fortunately, or unfortunately, mine happens to be permanently fixed into a perpetual frown that allows me easily portray an expression of sadness or worry with just a twitch of a muscle.

On the up side, that slight inflection is enough for me to win over the affections of my dear hubby and beguile him into giving me just what I want. On the other hand, my so-called “sad eyebrows” have been critiqued as one of the worst set of eyebrows anyone could have because they are unbalanced and they are too short. Due to their negative curvature, no make-up artist has ever been able to create those perfectly arched brows that women so sought after without first having to shave me bald.

When my mother in law suggested I get my eyebrows weaved, I figured, “Why not? I’m sick of having to walk around with no eyebrows after every make-up session.” Little did I know what I was really getting myself into, for I was about to discover the price of beauty that nobody ever thinks to mention…

The place I went to was “Ultimate Impressions” located on the boulevard office block in Midvalley Megamall. The lady was pretty friendly, but our first disconnect was my inability to speak or understand Mandarin and neither was her English the perfect medium for communication. I was told that the procedure was called eyebrow weaving, so naturally I thought it was just a matter of them reshaping my existing eyebrows into a nicer shape. The first warning bells should have arrived when she mentioned eyebrow “embroidery”.

From what I understood, the whole procedure would take about an hour and the end result would last anywhere from two to three years.

She sat me down on a tall stool and started colouring in two dark lines over my eyebrows with a black pencil whilst shaving off the offending hairs from my own eyebrows at the same time. It looked rather dark but she assured me it would lighten.

When she was done, I asked, “What happens now?”

“Now we embroider.” She lead me to a room with two beds and instructed me to lie down. It was rather comfortable and I felt quite sleepy. I almost dozed off before she returned to me to start the process of embroidering. That was when I woke up with a shock. Embroidering hurt! The first few zaps were tolerable, so I lay as still as I could. After a while, they started to worsen and I briefly considered asking her to stop the process.

Perhaps my skin started to grow numb to the sensation, because after a while it started to feel more bearable, so I clammed up and just gritted my teeth through it. On and on she went until my left leg started twitching involuntary from the pain. I felt a weird impression running down the side of my left leg and it was all I could do to stop myself from writhing.

The worst thing was knowing that I still had the right eyebrow to go and I could barely stand the pain as it was. I cursed my wretched ignorance for the hundredth time as I swore I would never put myself through such torture again. How could anyone willingly subject themselves to such a horrid procedure all in the name of beauty? Oops, I think I just described myself… I must have gone temporarily insane from the stress of wedding preparations.

What’s my opinion? Well, I don’t really like how they look because I think they look too dark and they don’t conform to shape of my eyebrow muscles when I flex them. I was told it will take about a week to two weeks before they start to look more normal. Additionally, there are also two more touch up sessions after this, although why I would want to subject myself to further pain, I can’t imagine.

Conclusion: I’d rather have my old, ugly eyebrows back, any day. Even if they don’t frame my eyes as nicely as these do.

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