PJ Half

Out of sheer arrogance I went into this race with no training and expected to clock in at 2hours. Let’s just say I came back a pretty broken person.

I clocked in at two and a half hours. My knees felt like someone had taken a hammer and smashed out my knee caps. I’ve never thought I used much back or abs for running, but boy these muscle groups sure made their presence felt. No need to mention the muscle fatigue from the legs – they were like lead weights before I’d even looped the Subang airport road.

My mistake was stopping at the first crest of the Subang airport road because I think I was making good time up until that stretch. After that it was downhill all the way (not the track, but the race). With what little dignity I could muster, I managed to run the final loop around Kelana stadium with a mask of agony contorting my face for the camera.

This is the first half marathon I’ve run since the PJ Half in 2001. If I didn’t feel my age before, I certainly do now.

Next year: two hours.

Starting my training program tomorrow morning.

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