FYC: Gunung Yong Yap – 2001

In December 2001, FYC hikers decided to step up their hiking intensity with the G4 challenge. They were going to plan a trip to cover four of the tallest peaks in Malaysia – Yong Belar, Korbu, Gayung, and Yong Yap. It seemed a little too intense for me, so I wimped out and joined the Yong Yap crew that were supposed to meet up with the G4 team at the peak of Yong Yap.

I don’t remember much of the trip except that it was one of the wettest and coldest hiking trips I’ve experienced. A brilliant engineer hung up the fly sheet so that our sleeping area became a wind tunnel that blew chilling air throughout the night. Definitely not one of my better hiking memories but certainly one of the more vivid ones. I guess when you have to suffer a little the memories are etched more deeply.

Img_JS_01 Unloading @ Orang Asli Hut

Img_JS_04 Sachiko on the way up


Img_1080 Descending from Yong Yap

Img_1077 Partial Yong Yap and G4 members

About Yong Yap

At 2,168m, Gunung Yong Yap is the 6th highest point in Peninsula Malaysia and forms a part of the Titiwangsa Range in Perak. Gunung Yong Yap, itself, is not in Perak, but just over the border in Kelantan. It is considered to be one of the more challenging trails in Peninsula Malaysia with steep, uneven and slippery trails. – Wikipedia